Study Business Information Systems

Study Business Information Systems

Double Degree. Double the Opportunities. On an International Level

If you want to take your education and career prospects to an international level, a Double Degree program is an interesting opportunity for you. Rostock University offers a two year Master’s program in Business Information Systems in cooperation with the National Research University for IT, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO University) in St. Petersburg, Russia. Graduates of the study program receive two degrees:  

  •   in Germany: Master of Science in Business Information Systems
  •   in Russia: Master's degree in Business Informatics  (Магистр бизнес-информатики) 

As part of the program, students enrolled at Rostock University will have to study either one or two semesters in St. Petersburg where classes are taught in English. The Double Degree basically is an extension of the existing Master  program  in  Business  Information  System  at  Rostock  University,  which  had  to  be  prolonged  by  one semester to reach the number of credits required for a Master’s degree in the Russian program. The content of the additional semester is a project-oriented research work.


There is an admission restriction for a maximum number of students. Thus, an application is required. It has to be submitted at the latest until June 1 in Rostock and July 15 in St. Petersburg if you plan to start your studies in the winter term. Enrolment in the summer term would also be possible but is not recommended.

Admission Requirements

(1) As main admission requirement for the Master study course Business Information Systems, a Bachelor of Science (with at least 210 credit points or comparable degree) has to be proven a) in the field of Business Information Systems or b) in the field of Computer Science with at least 30 credit points in Business Administration.

(2) The admission for the master study course Business Information Systems at the University of Rostock is subject to the following additional conditions. 1. Applicants have to prove at least 15 credits in mathematics. 2. Foreign applicants have to verify sufficient German language skills. This can be proven by B2-certification or DSH-2 or a stay in German speaking country over at least 3 years or equivalent performance. Native speakers are exempted from these verification obligations.


If you are interested to study the Double Degree program, please take
contact to the Business Information Systems team at Rostock University: 

  • Prof. Dr. Kurt Sandkuhl, Director of the Double Degree Master’s program
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Fellmann, Professor of Business Information Systems
  • Dr. Birger Lantow, Vice-Director of the Double Degree Master and Head of the Bachelor’s program in Business Information Systems