Exergames study launch: Promoting health with fun games during short breaks

Sitting for long periods is harmful. Employees at the University of Rostock now have the chance to do something about it! Numerous studies have already confirmed that exercise during primarily sedentary work is beneficial for both physical and mental health. Exergames combine physical exercise with fun.

In collaboration with the Chair of Information Systems, a diary study will start on 27.05.2024 in which all participants will receive free access to an exergames platform developed by a team of professors from Sweden. This offers the opportunity to get active with lovingly designed games during short breaks for more energy and concentration. The data is evaluated anonymously as part of the study.

Special goodie: 3 x 50 euro gift vouchers will be raffled off among all participants. The chance of winning increases with each completed questionnaire.

Directly to the study (registration now possible): win-studien.informatik.uni-rostock.de/Exergames