Regulative Compliance


Due to an increased number of regulations on national, European and international level, more and more organizations are forced to implement a coherent management system for achieving regulative compliance, which usually consists or organizational elements and supporting IT solutions. Industry areas affected by regulative efforts are, e.g., the banking industry, the energy sector and the pharmaceutical industry.

The main task of regulatory compliance management is to ensure that enterprises and their organization structures, processes and information systems are organized and behave in accordance with the guidelines specified in the regulations that apply. The chair business information systems focuses research activities in this field on the use of enterprise architecture management for establishing and maintaining regulative compliance. More concrete, we develop methodologies and Reference Enterprise Architectures (R-EA) in this sector. Recent examples are the R-EA for IT-based compliance in financial industries (COFIN project) and the R-EA for medium-sized utility companies (project ECLORA).



Runtime Type Subject
2015 - 2017 Industrial Project Compliance in the Financial Industry
2015 Industrial Project Development of a cloud reference architecture