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Angelina Schmidt, M.Sc.


Konrad Zuse Haus
Albert-Einstein-Straße 22
Room: 352

Phone: 0381-498 7417
Fax: 0381-498 7402

Consultation hours: by arrangement

Curriculum Vitae

Angelina Schmidt completed her bachelor's and master's degree in business informatics at the University of Rostock. Her bachelor thesis focused on the topic of "Automated Analysis of Computer Mediated Communication" in cooperation with a family assistance company (GeBEG). For this purpose, a chat history of the practice partner was analyzed in order to visualize certain patterns and main topics in the course of assistance.

In her master's thesis, she worked on the "Development and experimentation of camera-based health interventions at computer workstations" in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research. Based on webcam data, health interventions were suggested to the user. The perception of these interventions was explored in a qualitative field study.

From 2019 to 2021, she was able to gain experience in software development in the field of e-commerce as a working student at novomind AG.

In June 2022, she became a research associate at the chair of business informatics. Her research focus is the development of assistance systems for productive and healthy work in the modern working world.