Dr.-Ing. Anne Gutschmidt


Konrad Zuse Haus
Albert-Einstein-Straße 22
Room: 349

Phone: 0381-498 7435
Fax: 0381-498 7512
E-Mail:  anne.gutschmidtuni-rostockde

Consultation hours: by arrangement

Curriculum Vitae

Dr.-Ing. Anne Gutschmidt has previously worked at the Chair of Information and Communication Services and the Chair of Business and Organisational Psychology at the University of Rostock. For her doctorate, she combined both disciplines and investigated how behavioural data from web users can be used to infer their objectives.

In addition, Anne Gutschmidt worked at the Chair of Software Engineering at the University of Rostock and has been researching the topic of participatory enterprise modelling in collaboration with the Chair of Business Informatics since 2014. To this end, she primarily uses empirical research methods.

Since 2020, Anne Gutschmidt has been the coordinator of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence in MV, which is based in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Rostock and is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Ministry of Economics of the State of MV.