Further Hardware

Further Hardware

The chair of Business Information Systems has further special equipment. In the following, special hardware is presented that is developed or used, for example, for specific projects.

DFG large-scale research facility

Together with the Chairs AVA, Software Engineering, and Theory of Programming Languages, the Chair of Information Systems has acquired a large-scale DFG research facility for researching process-oriented architectures. The equipment system consists of a cluster with 20 servers, which are networked with each other via 56 GBit/s Infiniband and 10 GBit/s Ethernet. In total, more than 500 concurrent threads, more than 2 TByte main memory, and 68 solid state disks are available for the research of computing-, storage- and I/O-intensive tasks.

Doorshow Prototype

The Doorshow by the globally active Schindler Group uses elevator doors as information and advertising spaces. Schindler was looking for new functionalities in order to further increase passenger awareness and provide additional incentives for the guiding principle of "pleasant waiting". On behalf of Schindler, a new interaction solution was developed at the chair of Business Information Systems. The prototype presented at Hannover Messe Industrie 2017 is part of the Business Information Systems Laboratory.


Special Hardware in the Enterprise Modelling Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with two 55" multitouch devices (MT550W7 MultiTaction Cell 55" Full HD and 3M Multi-touch Display C5567PW). Thus, teams can use modelling software on these devices at the same time. The multitouch devices can be moved freely in space, horizontally and vertically as well as in height and position. In addition, stationary and mobile HD cameras (1080p) including microphone, as well as hardware for monitoring the room are available. The behaviour of users on the smartboard, multitouchtable or whiteboard can be recorded simultaneously from several angles with this system.