Ben Hellmanzik, M.Sc.


Konrad Zuse Haus
Albert-Einstein-Straße 22
Room: 350

Phone: 0381-498 7414
Fax: 0381-498 7512
E-Mail:  ben.hellmanzikuni-rostockde

Consultation hours: by arrangement

Curriculum Vitae

Ben Hellmanzik completed his bachelor's degree in economics with a focus on economics, as well as his bachelor's and master's degrees in business informatics at the University of Rostock. His interest in data was aroused by the analysis of population development in Sweden. In business informatics, he therefore worked on automated fraud detection using artificial intelligence. From 2019 to 2021, he was able to test algorithms for fraud detection as a working student at Comdirect Bank AG and complete his master's thesis in this subject area in 2021.

Since November 2021, Ben has been researching platform-based business models and enterprise architectures as a research assistant. This is being done as part of the EU-funded Marispace-X project, in which the exploitation of maritime sensor data in particular plays a role. Relevant topics are, for example, munitions salvage, mapping of seagrass meadows, the creation of offshore wind energy plants or the optimization of ship routes.