Henning Richter, M.Sc.


Konrad Zuse Haus
Albert-Einstein-Straße 22
Room: 343

Phone: 0381-498 7408
Fax: 0381-498 7512
E-Mail: henning.richteruni-rostockde

Consultation hours: by arrangement

Curriculum Vitae

Henning was born on the 2nd of March in 1997 in Rostock, Germany. Here, he graduated from school in the year of 2015 and immediately began studying business information systems at the University of Rostock. In the winter term of 2017/18, Henning participated in the mentoring program of the instituts für computer science and supported students of the first semester in business information systems as a mentor. In the December of 2017, Henning was elected to join the student council of computer science (FSR), where he was furtherly elected to become the representative for students studying business infornation systems in the study commission of the faculty for computer science and electrical engineering (IEF). Moreover, the FSR successfully proposed Henning to the IEF faculty council to become the representative for students studying business information systems and computer science in the IEF examination board. He remained in both positions until September 2019. During his bachelor studies, he had furtherly did an internship over 6 months at the online shop by AIDA Cruises. For his bachelor thesis, he investigatedt the territorial behavior of participants in a participatory enterprise modelling session using a multi-touch-table. After receiving his Bachelor of Science in September 2019, Henning began his master studies in business information systems at the University of Rostock (Germany) and applied informatics at the ITMO University in St. Petersburg (Russia) upon October 2019 as part of a double degree program between both institutions. Moreover, Henning joined the student council of the University of Rostock (StuRa) upon October 2019, where he remained until March 2021. For his master thesis, Henning collabrated with the company Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA from January 2021 until May 2021 and developed with itsVALUE a novel method and notation alongside with an ADOxx-based tool prototype for modelling and analyzing value streams in companies, especially in the field of IT Service Management. In June 2021, Henning received his Master of Science and ended his membership at the FSR Informatik. Scince the 1st of July in 2021, he is a member of the team of the chair of business computer science. Henning had investigated the field of IT-supported self-management and had aimed at developing a WearOS- and Android-based prototype providing recommendation functionalities. However, Henning decided to cancel his PhD ambitions by the beginning of 2022 in consent with both Prof. Dr. Michael Fellmann and Prof. Dr. Kurt Sandkuhl. He will leave the team by October 2022. Til then, Henning will assist the teaching staff and objectives more intensively, as this aspect of his work could fulfill him.