Dr. Christian Kaiser


Virtual Vehicle Research Center
Inffeldgasse 21/A
8010 Graz (Austria)

Phone: +43 316 873 - 9827
E-Mail: christian.kaiserv2c2at

Curriculum Vitae

DI Christian Kaiser has obtained his master degree in Software Development and Business Management from Graz University of Technology and holds the position of a senior researcher at Virtual Vehicle Research Center in Graz, Austria. He has gained experience in design, implementation and evaluation of application oriented software demonstrators (focusing on services and their frontend) while participating in many national and international industry-driven research projects including “AEGIS” (EU H2020), “SCOTT” and “CRYSTAL” (EU ECSEL JU), “FIND” and “FLmP” (K2 Comet). This expertise will now be applied in the dissertation titled: “Quantified Vehicles: Data, Services, Ecosystems“ as an external Ph.D. student at the University of Rostock, supervised by Prof. Dr. Michael Fellmann.


The list of publications is available at http://www.christiankaiser.at/publikationen/