Integrated environment for enterprise and knowledge modeling

In recent years, a large number of companies and organizations have made the transition from the traditional function-oriented organizational structure to process-oriented organizations or are in transition. The recording, implementation and continuous improvement of business processes is a central element in this regard, that is increasingly reflected in process-oriented architectures of information systems or process-oriented knowledge management in companies.

In the context of the above mentioned changes, efficient and effective modelling and coordination processes as well as corresponding tools and notations are of great importance.The requested scientific device is an integrated environment for enterprise and knowledge modelling to be used for improving industrial practice in this field. Because efficiency and effectiveness highly depend on the interaction of the domain experts and modelling teams, the scientific device should be used to apply, evaluate and further develop different analysis techniques, industrial tools and methods as well as practices in realistic situations. This requires appropriate tools (for business, process and ontology modeling), collaborative environments and media technology.