At the moment, students have to deal with a wide range of different platforms when it comes to the usual activities such as registering for exams, composition of semester-specific lecture plans, or the acquisition of lecture materials. This is not only very laborious and costs a lot of time, but due to the partly differing sources, their information quality, and the principally usable technological possibilities it is an unsatisfactory process. mySemester shall present the required use cases and technological possibilities in a uniform, clear and mobile surface.

In this project, a requirements analysis and implementation concept for an integrated mobile application in the university context shall be realized. In principle, the resulting app called mySemester shall support students in organizing their semester and obtaining information about their studies.. Furthermore, the range of functions of mySemester is planned to provide application possibilities for teachers and prospective students. The following functionalities are to be implemented in the app:

  • Timetable & lecture search

  • Mensa menus

  • To-do list

  • Exam registration

  • Overview of services