Extension of Training in ERP-Systems

Project profile

•funded by Vice-Rector of Study, Evaluation and Education (PSL), Rostock University

•1.4.17 – 31.12.17

•Partners: student union (Fachschaft Informatik Uni Rostock); Riga Technical University, Riga, Latvia


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is among the topics of Bachelor and Master education in Business Information Systems. Software systems for ERP (ERP systems) are characterized by a high degree of complexity and are often used by large global companies. These characteristics are challenging to replicate in the classroom environment. However, there is a strong industry demand for students having ERP training during their studies at universities. University of Rostock and Riga Technical University jointly enhanced introductory ERP training by developing an internationalization dimension in the standard curriculum. Both universities collaborated to develop an international ERP case study as an extension of the SAP ERP Global Bikes Incorporated case study. The training approach, study materials and appropriate technical environment have been developed.

In the context of the above ERP training, the objectives of this project are:

To extend the training of Master students in the field of ERP by offering the SAP training program “TERP 10 – Training on ERP 10 days”

To arrange for the students to be certified TERP 10 participants and support a number of students in financing the certification fee.