Strengthening the international orientation of the degree programmes in business information systems

Both at the University of Rostock and at the national level in Germany, the internationalisation of degree programmes and teaching contents is being striven for. The Bachelor's programme in Business Information Systems already contributes to the above objectives by offering an English-language programme, which begins with the 4th semester and includes, among other things, English seminar papers as well as an obligatory internship abroad. The experience of the last years shows that this field of study is well accepted by the students, but they would like to have more English-language contents and events, a semester abroad and an even stronger support for internships abroad. English-language contents and a higher internationalisation are also in demand for the Master in Business Information Systems, but could not yet be offered. In the Master's programme, this demand exists not only among the own students, but also among foreign students (e.g. from Erasmus partner universities), who would like to study in Rostock, but do not find any English-language offers. The aim of the proposed project is to strengthen the content and structure of the English-language Business Informations Systems course of the Bachelor's programme and to help ensure that the Master's programme can offer at least one semester that can be studied in English. The project results are to be consolidated and expanded in a follow-up project.