Session at 81. VHB-Tagung

Session: Digital Transformation: Practices and Experiences

In almost all service sectors and industries, efforts have been made in recent years to open up the possibilities of new digital technologies such as Internet of Things, Big Data, machine learning or autonomous systems. This has often led to a change not only in internal business processes and services/products, but also in complete business models and enterprise architectures. This development, also known as digital transformation, forms the framework of this session, which focuses in particular on experiences from digital transformation projects and practices for their implementation. The aim is to create the opportunity to discuss the practical perspective as a supplement to existing theoretical frameworks.

Session Presentations

Prof. Dr. Witold Abramowicz (Poznan University of Economics)

Support digital transformation through university-business cooperation:
Approach and experience


Prof. Dr. Ulrich Buhl, Universität Augsburg und Fraunhofer FIT

Research for the digital future


Prof. Dr. Kurt Sandkuhl (Universität Rostock)

Digital Transformation of kmU - Procedure and Case Studies