BIR 2022 in Rostock - BIR is Coming Home!

The 21st International Conference on Perspectives in Business Informatics Research

The 21st International Conference on Perspectives in Business Informatics Research (BIR 2022) continues the tradition of annual events focused on opening perspectives and stimulating new roadmaps for Business Informatics, Business Information Systems and Information Systems Engineering, considering both fundamental research and key application areas.

After 2004 and 2010, BIR is back in Rostock! The conference originated almost 25 years ago from a cooperation between the business informatics researchers of the universities of Växjö (Sweden, Prof. Bengt Lundberg) and Rostock (Prof. Hans Röck, Dr. Horst Günther). In 2022, it is now time again. The Business Information Systems team in Rostock is looking forward to hosting the international guests.

BIR 2022 will provide a rich environment for exchanging research findings and ideas among scientists, practitioners, and doctoral students. The central theme of the 2022 edition is Business Informatics for Sustainable Innovation. The strategic importance of enterprise modelling for Sustainable Innovations has been recognized by an increasing number of companies and public agencies. Enterprise modelling delivers the ‘blueprints’ for co-designing and aligning business and enterprise information systems such that they optimally complement each other. For example, consider the support of business processes by process-aware information systems. Achieving such interplay requires a multi-perspective approach taking organizational, economic, and technical aspects into account. In a world of cloud, social and big data, additional challenges for enterprise modelling and the design of information systems architectures are introduced, e.g., in respect to the design of data-driven processes or processes enabling cross-enterprise collaboration. To deal with these challenges, close cooperation of researchers from different disciplines such as information systems, business informatics, and computer science will be required.

More information can be found via the conference website.